Sunday, June 13, 2010

Moderation in ALL things

OK, I'm not great at the whole moderation thing....actually, in all honesty....I am AWFUL at it.  For example....
Weight Watchers has some yummy ice cream treats that are low in points (if you aren't familiar with the WW point system, I'll post about it later...).  So, in an effort to cut calories, but still have our treats, we bought a box of ice cream bars (they had chocolate ice cream with an oreo crumble crust thing) that were so good! Each one is only 2pts (in comparison to 8-10 points for most ice cream bars) so I thought we were doing pretty good....UNTIL I sat down and at 3 last night....yep, that's right THREE.  Seriously, what is wrong with me!?! On the plus side - it was the last three, so I have to go without now (at least until we get paid and have money in our grocery budget again Wednesday).  
So, just another point testifying to me that I NEED to work on portion control FIRST.  So, I have decided I'm going to pull out all of my books and do Weight Watchers from home.  I may sign up to the website, just because you get some DIVINE recipes...but in any case, the points system is going to be quickly re-incorporated into my diet!  


Jodi & Chris Reeve

Was there something going on that you were stressed about? Would Matt be willing to help you by telling you no? And would you listen, lol:)?

Melissa Chorba

There's always something going on I can stress about lately...which unfortunately I think has become an excuse for my eating habits.

As far as Matt goes...he's too much of a push over - he won't tell me no...and honestly, I'm not sure I would listen :P. I think if I start writing down everything I eat it will help...we shall see though!

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